In the jungles of Wall Street
We hunt for values
on the road less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference…

ZEN · WAYTM (zen’wei’) n.
1: a better way to invest with focus, discipline, and simplicity
2: a method to cut through the noise and concentrate on the quiet truth at the heart of the matter
3: a system to achieve maximum return on time and money through single-minded focus and dedication

Zenway.com Inc. is a private family investment partnership. With a Zen-like focus and dedication for research excellence, we help busy people like you to maximize upside investment success and minimize downside risks. By cutting down your taxes, fees and hassles, we bring you financial peace of mind. Therefore, our name:

A Zenway to Financial FreedomTM

► While others are distracted by the exciting, we focus on doing the boring basics extraordinarily well.

► While others are lured to the sensational, we strive to see the simple truth that others miss.

► We practice what we preach by investing our own capital alongside our clients so they can rest assured that they have someone with their best interests at heart. Riding on the same boat with our clients, we take the Wall Street hassles head on so our clients can enjoy the journey stress-free.

► We see things as they are, not as what they appear to be based on emotions or self-interests. As an independent firm, we strive to be painstakingly objective and honest with our clients and with ourselves.

► We conduct exhaustive research with a religious zeal.

► We apply strict self-discipline to shield ourselves from the emotions running around us and within us.

► We sit patiently and wait for the right pitch with a clear margin of safety.

► We reduce complex situations into simple arguments that can light up the clouted mind.

► We stay humble and constantly cleanse our mind to get rid of delusions and false assumptions. To us, a “no-mind” is a clear mind with no greed, no fear, and no bias.

► We think independently and insulate ourselves from the opinions around us.

► We strive to achieve investment excellence by empowering our money mind to unleash the full potential within.

► We sit still with wonderful businesses, watch the grasses grow, and reap the significant profits over the long term.

► We ignore the noises and zero in on the quiet facts, allowing no detail to escape us. Even in the midst of the storm and thunder on Wall Street, we can still close our eyes, and hear the “grasshopper”…

… Now that’s a better way to invest!

To request more information about our proprietary investment strategy combining Graham-Buffett value investing with ancient mind empowering practices, please Click here.

“A little pawn can one day become a powerful queen, if it focuses on marching forward step by step without getting side-tracked.”

– Brian Zen, CFA

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