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We treat our clients and partners as friends and family. So please allow us to indulge ourselves and share our story with you on personal level. It is an improbable story from illness to strength, from poverty to wealth, and so is our corporate mission. Through a unique system of financial and intellectual practices that produced miracles for us, we help individuals, families and businesses to reach the heights beyond their dreams, and in the process, we are building one of the world’s most beloved companies with a global network of independent professionals guiding our clients towards financial freedom.

Our founder, Brian Zen, was born a weak boy in poverty and obscurity. He grew up in pain and disease. By age 5, he couldn’t lift his head straight. By age 8, he had migraine headaches and chronic vomiting disorder. Looking at her ailing boy, his mom was crying in her heart. His grandma, who lived to 100 years old, introduced the poor boy to Zen Meditation and Tai Chi to strengthen his mind and body. The ancient training techniques worked wonders and turned a sick boy into a Tai Chi Champion. Along the years, through first-hand experience and insight, Brian became a fervent believer in the Power within each of us, the Power that enables us to heal miraculously and grow beyond the limits that we impose upon ourselves.

In early 90’s, Brian (left) came to America as a poor student with practically nothing. He lived in a basement with no window and no heater. He hit the street begging for opportunities to wash dishes in restaurants. The area he lived in was so destitute that he got robbed twice while working late into the midnight and got wounded in a fight against five robbers. During the hard times, he kept his focus by using the Buddha’s meditation methods to reach a state of “inner bliss” that relied on nothing external, but the problem is, the bills still had to be paid. He would still be sitting behind an aluminum tin on a street corner if he didn’t get to meet his financial Buddha, Warren Buffett (right). A Midas Touch from the world’s greatest investor turned rags into riches. After practicing Graham-Buffett Investing, Brian achieved lifetime financial freedom within only a few years.

For more than 20 years, Brian had been intensely focused on his research to find the right way towards financial success and peace of mind. He finally discovered the secret path: right at the merging point of ancient Eastern training methods and modern Western worldly wisdom.

Zen Way = Zen Training to Empower the Mind + Warren’s Way to Build Wealth

As Mr. Buffett taught us, the two secrets to investment success is the right mental framework and the right temperament. In terms of the framework, we implement well-structured investment processes using the proven system taught by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. In terms of the temperament, we develop intensely focused and self-disciplined research athletes by using oriental Zen training system to empower our mind and body for steady peak performance. That’s our Zen way towards financial Nirvana.

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