Corporate Advisory

Zenway Corporate Advisory Group Helps Businesses to Build Shareholder Wealth.


► Through 20 years of research about why some family businesses succeed and some fail, we accumulated the crucial expertise to help you drive your business to the next level.
► Through a team of independent professionals, we provide a full range of business services to support your entrepreneurial needs and help you to make your dream a reality.
► Armed with our unique business insights, we help you to create and preserve wealth by investing wonderful businesses managed by talented and trustworthy managers available at bargain prices.


1. Asset Management: We help businesses to achieve better and more consistent return on their various assets.

2. Financial Engineering: We help corporate management to restructure their balance sheets in order to achieve optimal financial performance and enhance shareholder value.

3. Investment Banking: We help companies to raise capital, establish research coverage, redesign investor communications and road shows, structure mergers and acquisitions, and form crucial strategic alliances.

4. Corporate Training: By providing research, leadership and sales trainings to employee groups, we help managers to motivate employees, redesign talent development systems, and restructure incentives.

5. Business Consulting: Using our proprietary brainstorming system, we help managers to re-think and re-examine every aspects of their business from an entirely new perspective. We help business leaders to reshape corporate culture, refocus business strategies, and reinvigorate competitive efforts.

To schedule a free initial consultation, please call: +1.646.388.0887.


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