Feedbacks About Our Investment Research Workshops

“Brian Zen is a very good teacher and a serious value investor. Everything he does makes sense.”
— Mike Onghai, CFA, Principal & Portfolio Manager, IBIS Management

“Brian Zen is a successful portfolio manager with consistent track record and an enlightened investment philosophy learned from Warren Buffett.”
— Angel Fang, FFTW Asset Management

“Brian Zen clearly has an extraordinary understanding of a range of value investing logical patterns, and has used this remarkably deep wisdom to create surprisingly simple rules for intelligent investing.”
— Shai Dardashti, Founder, Dardashti Capital

“Thank you very much, Brian! I just love your articles. GuruFocus readers love your articles, too! Yours are the best among the ones I publish.”
— Charlie Tian, PhD, Director of Research, Gurufocus.com

“[Prof. Zen] is the greatest teacher I have ever had in my life! He combines his Zen philosophy with financial concepts and it’s a great combination.”
— Liu-Jay Lam, CPA, NextCen Brands, Inc.

“What I found most important was that I was given the opportunity to understand all the components of the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. I had never really analyzed these financials in exactly this manner and put them to practice. It made for a fun learning experience.”
— Robert W. Rose, Jr., Vice President, Lehman Brothers Inc.

“If you want to learn how to truly value a business, have fun doing it, then Zenway is the place for you.”
— Joseph Hoye, President, Haun-Magruder Inc.

“This workshop is unique in that it deals with the ‘dirty work’ of investing — drilling on the accounting and financial statement analysis.”
— Wallace Yang, Private Investor

“Brian Zen is a great teacher and I regret I did not sign up earlier. Brian has great command of the subject matter, engages the class, explains things very clearly, answers questions thoroughly, has good sense of humor and highlights the important areas… It was very worthwhile and enjoyable. It was also nice having the opportunity to interact with the other members of the class and see the questions they had. Thank you very much!”
— Anne Tully, CFA

“You are really helping me to distill this information into understandable pieces. I was just reviewing the zen-mind-map and your option diagram… What a life saver! The textbook does a poor job of explaining the concepts. You have been a great teacher.”
— Valisha Graves, CFA L3 Candidate, Institutional Securities Management, Morgan Stanley

“Prof. Brian Zen is an intelligent and accessible investor. His investing record over the past 12 years is extraordinary to say the least.”
— Victor Ndu, CFA

“The Zenway training has changed my financial life and enlightened me to true value investing. This has been one of my best investments, and I expect it to continue paying dividends.”
— Garret Hamai, MBA, Operations Manager, Hamai Appliances

“Prof. Zen, the best professor ever!!! I would recommend studying with Prof. Zen to anybody interested in investing and the techniques of gurus.”
— Michael Kairouz

“I cannot express how much I enjoyed this class. I was not vocal but I listened to everything; I also was enlightened by the inspiring words of Prof. Zen. He truly lifted my confidence level and expanded my mind outside a typical textbook curriculum.”
— Matthew Cerbone

“Just wanted to say I enjoyed the class and thank you for your insight. Your a great motivational speaker and have opened our eyes in terms of investment.”
— Javin Jose, Deutsche Bank

“It was a great weekend! This weekend helped me to gain more confidence… I still need to continue to [work on] my art of valuation to become a superinvestor.”
— Oswaldo Garcia, Global Finance Director, Honeywell International Inc.

“Prof. Brian Zen is a great, great guy. A man of superior intellect, wisdom and kindness. Knowing him has changed my life, dramatically. I truly believe that he will be one of the greatest investors ever.”
— Dah Hui Lau, Private Investor, Blogger, UK

“Nice work, Brian. We are all very pleased with the job you have done and we’re lucky to have you… You’ll be at the top of the list for future projects, for sure!”
— Michael Schlaker, Financial Analyst Training Program Manager

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