Solution for TaxCut 2007 Installation Error

April 11, 2008

Tax filing is an important part of financial peace of mind. This year, one of our clients had a problem installing Taxcut 2007 Premium Federal + State under Vista. Here is the error message:

Error: Error 1320 ‘The specified path is too long. C:\Users\USERNAME\My Documents\TaxCut.’

We discovered this error is due to changing Vista’s default “My Documents” location, so the default “My Documents” directory the TaxCut was using didn’t exist. The fastest solution was to temporarily change the “My Documents” location back to default, install Taxcut, and then create a desktop shortcut to where your old documents are, or change the “My Documents” location again to your choosing.

To change “My Documents” back to default, you need to go to: Vista Start > My Documents > Right click > Properties > Location > Restore Default.

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