What Is Zen?

March 8, 2008

Zen – Not a Religion, But a State of Mind

The Chinese character of Zen, , pronounced as `Chán’ in China and later as `Zen’ in Japan, stands for a `mind’ that is `singular’. Simply put, Zen is a way to unleash human potential through single-minded focus.

The training methods of Zen were discovered by the Buddhist Kungfu Masters in the ancient Shaolin Temple in China. But Zen itself is not a sect of Buddhism or any religion. Instead, it should be considered a breakthrough in the science of the human mind. Zen is about focusing the mind like a laser beam cutting through carbon steel to reach maximum power and achieve a breakthrough. This thought process is also known as enlightenment or awakening to the reality. It involves cutting through muddled complexity to reach clear simplicity. At Zenway.com, we try to focus and supercharge our money mind so we can penetrate the clouds over Wall Street and capitalize on the disparities between perceptions and realities.

People often confuse Zen with Zen Buddhism, the later of which is a religion composed of “Zen” plus “Buddhism”. If you strip out the religious elements, Zen itself is not a religion, but a state of mind. As a firm, we respect and embrace people from all religions. We encourage our employees and clients to take a look at our practices designed to empower the mind and body, but nothing will be forced upon anyone. As an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate anyone based on religion, race, age, sex, or political views, etc.

What is Zenway

zen · way (zen’wei’) n.
a research and training system designed to empower the money mind, a way of do things with focus, discipline, and simplicity.
a masterful and blissful way to achieved maximum results with minimum resources
a simplified and clarified common sense approach that flows with natural forces
not a religion, but a philosophy that aims at enlightened, intuitive insight into any subject through meditation and contemplation
[syn: financial bliss, wealth nirvana, investment Tao, enlightened money mind]

The Zen of Investing

Zen is about focus and self-discipline. While the world and Wall Street tend to be emotional and irrational, Zenway Investors control their emotions and their minds in a masterful way. We strive to see through market clouds and distractions to focus on financial realities and facts. The goal of our financial enlightenment is to awaken to the realities and opportunities of business situations.

A Zen Way to Wealth and Wellness

As students of ancient Zen philosophy, we came to America with practically nothing. And within 8 years, we achieve lifetime financial freedom by combining Eastern training practices with Western financial wisdom.

We are used to simple life-styles. We have no desire for material luxury. But we have a religious zeal or life mission to create wealth for those who trusted us when we were poor. After years of disciplined Zen trainings since childhood, we are conditioned to be focused and dedicated. Facing mountains of financial documents, we “sit still” and “meditate financially” for endless long hours to turn over countless stones and dig out “gold” for our clients.

We started as a family investment partnership. Due to our family tradition and the inter-related-loving-kindness of Zen philosophy, we treat clients as friends and family. In the partnerships we manage, we put our own family wealth alongside our clients and we rise and fall in lock-steps.