The New Benjamin Graham-style Security Analysis with Real-time Case Studies and Personal Coaching

  • See how a well-structured Zenway Valuation Process, based on Graham-Buffett framework, can be used to evaluate real-time opportunities that could create meaningful wealth.
  • Obtain our proprietary analytical forms, checklists, mind maps, formulas, and valuation spreadsheets to install structure into your money mind currently flooded with unorganized pieces of the investment puzzle.
  • Explore how an ancient system of mind-and-body training could help you re-wire your temperament and unlock your potential. Following Warren Buffett’s teachings, we never lose our focus on the right framework and the right temperament.
  • Get personalized coaching. Probe into the blind spots of your brain. Form mastermind alliances.

What People Are Saying About Our Workshops

Join Us to Super-charge Your Money Mind

Full tuition $3,000 for 2-day research retreat plus one-year online learning and research co-op.

Pay only $1,600 if you register now. You save $1,400! Offer expiring soon!

Dates: By appointment, often on Saturday & Sunday
Time: 9:30AM – 5PM Refreshments included.
Place: World Financial Center Area, Battery Park City, New York, NY 10282


  • Get great ideas and personalized coaching in our brainstorm research meetings.
  • Learn specific techniques and rituals to super-charge your money mind.
  • See how the Zenway Proprietary Research Process works. Check out if our best practices can add value to your own system.
  • Obtain a set of checklists, spreadsheets, filters, valuation models and forms so you have a structure system for decision making.
  • Practice writing your own research report and present your best idea in our small group. Get concrete feedback so you can improve your skills.
  • Get the best ideas from our research and from other practitioners. One good idea could bring you profits many times your coaching fee.
  • Conduct joint research for one year with a team of researchers in Research Co-op. Form mastermind alliance and learn from each other. Get personalized coaching via phone and web.
  • Learn simple yet powerful Zenway Mind-and-Body Exercises for investors and executives to super-charge their mind and body to attain peak performance with serenity.
  • Tap into our 20 years of research and experience at coaching top financial athletes and helping people to achieve their full potential.

Investing is the biggest game in town and the ultimate sport. Join us to get the crucial training that will help you to reach peak performance!

Personalized coaching and mastermind alliance is what’s really missing in the value investing community nowadays. In a big crowd, we find it hard to get serious coaching to probe into the inner workings of our own analytical mind. Yet examining the decision making habits in our own mind is truly the key to our success. So we modeled Zenway’s Research Retreat after the original Buffett Group, where Graham, Buffett, Ruane, Schloss, Munger, and a few others would get together privately to debate about current ideas and analysis. We actually help you to become a much better research report writer and presenter. We don’t promote stocks in front of crowds. We go real deep into our minds and share the best ideas and thought processes. Our mission is to attract the smartest thinkers and employ our proprietary quiet retreats, intense discussions and mutual-coachings to enlighten the finest money minds for the next generation.

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