Join our one-year online Advanced Hands-on Research Training in Graham-Buffett Investing and re-wire your money mind structure like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett!

Our study material is designed to help you eventually pass the Chartered Securities Analyst (CSA) Exams offered by New York-based CSA Institute.

Associate and collaborate with the focused and dedicated. Join a ressearch mastermind alliance. Only $599 a year (less than $49.99 per month) during our limited-time promotional period. Save $1,401 from our full tuition of $2,000 per year.

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Other Ways to Join

  1. Call 646.388.0887 with a major credit card.
  2. Mail a check with your email address on the memo line. Make the check payable to: Inc.
    211 N. End Ave 3D,
    New York, NY 10282 – Your Own Research Department

  • Would you like to have a research department of your own?
  • Would you like to have fellow superinvestor-wannabes as research comrades and build life-long friendships like Warren Buffett, Bill Ruane, Walter Schloss and Charlie Munger?
  • Would you like to take online classes to discuss security analysis and debate investment ideas?
  • Would you like to have a online “classroom” where you can post ideas, get insights from others, and ask your fellow members to dig deeper?
  • Would like to get personal coaching on how to become a better investment analyst and adviser?

Investment research is a team sport that can be improved by using the expertise of people from different places around the world and from different industries. What’s why Warren Buffett formed his Buffett Group and remain connected to his private circle. You need a collaborative mastermind group, too. is collaborative online research co-op “by” and “for” the next generation superinvestors. We are jointly investing our time and money to build a world-class research department of our own. The online research effort and idea sharing are supervised by Investment Research Department. Members will get all the online research notes, member file sharing, Superinvestor Digest (SiD) monthly HTML edition and PDF superinvestor lecture notes and research papers on the best ideas as they emerge.

Join our research mastermind alliance now. To lock in your special low rate for life with automatic annual renewal using paypal secured payment system, please click below:


One special partner or mentor in our mastermind alliance could change your life!

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